Established in 2009, headquartered in Seattle, United States, SeattleChem is a leader in advanced specialty chemical technologies and solutions. The business scope include: Digital Textile Printing Chemicals, Textile Dyes/Auxiliaries, Master Batches, International Trading, Licensing, Manufacturing and Distribution, and Organic Produce.



  • SeattleChem's combiPRINT-PP7 is the exclusive thickener product recommended for the ChromoJET system by Zimmer Austria . To learn more about combiPRINT-PP7, download our product brochure in English version or Chinese version.
  • 奥地利齐马公司唯一推荐用于数码地毯喷墨印花机ChromoJET 的combiPRINT-PP7增稠剂,德文说明。
  • SeattleChem announces combiPRINT-PP7, the flagship product of SeattleChem's proprietary combiPRINT product line. combiPRINT-PP7 is a revolutionary high-preformance water-based thickener system that is engineered to be  environmentally-friendly. CombiPRINT-PP7 is designed for a broad range of textile printing technologies. To learn more about CombiPRINT-PP7, download our product brochure in English version or Chinese (粉狀PP7增稠剂中文说明) version.
  • Thirty-hectares of land has been acquired in Qingdao, China, and 1,200 hectares of agricultural land has been under negotiation with central and north provinces for future development of SeattleChem and its partners in APAC and United States operation. Additionally, SeattleChem currently handles overseas testing operations for three leading U.S. textile chemical companies.



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