Product Lines
Digital Textile Printing Thickeners
  • combiPRINT-PP7 () is SeattleChem's proprietary water-based thickener system. CombiPRINT-PP7 is a revolutionary high-preformance system that is also environmentally-friendly. CombiPRINT-PP7 is designed for a broad range of textile printing technologies. To learn more about CombiPRINT-PP7, download our product brochure in English version or Chinese (粉狀PP7增稠剂中文说明) version.
  • combiPRINT-PP8 is a product use for high pH tolerance application of cotton materials, ink-printing pretreatment and other technical applications
  • Liquid Disperse Dyes are a line of disperse dyes that achieves better color yield with a reduction of thickener use for 50%
Master Batches (Mono and tailor-made)
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • Polyamide
Top American Carpet Chemicals go abroad - Guarantee top performance, best price (in bulk), hand-on service
  • S-Shield GUL-2, exhaustible Nylon stainblocker
  • S-wet EAC-2N, nylon wetting agent
  • S-lev 2186 RNP-1, continuous dyeing polyester leveling agent
  • S- quest DCS, nylon dyeing chelating agent
  • S-lev STF, nylon beck dyeing leveling agent
  • S-lev FTS, nylon skein and bath mat leveling agent
  • S-lev NFP, polyester beck dyeing leveling agent
  • S-sperse 560-N, antiprecipitant for dyeing cationic & anionic systems
  • S-buffer SSF, continuous dyeing Nylon pH buffer
  • S-lube TB 200, nylon/polyester beck dyeing lubricant
  • S-defoamer DRW, free rinsing dyebath defoamer
  • S-foam 3000-X, effluent defoamer
  • S-shield BLXCH, nylon bleach resist
  • S-shield CLO-1, nylon bleach resist (tannic acid version)
  • S-startex XD, polyester dye dispersing agent
  • S-startex LFD, nylon continuous dyeing leveling agent
  • S-shield SR, environmentally friendly fluorocarbon - Foam version
  • S-shield SR-Spray, nvironmentally friendly fluorocarbon - Spray version
  • S-shield SB-MC, topically applied heat cure Nylon stainblocker
  • S-foam 2273, foaming agent for topical finishes
  • S-lube FBB, all purpose BCF Extrusion fiber lube - 100% active
  • S-lube BSL 100, polypropeylene BCF extrusion lube - 100% active
  • S-lube BJL 100, nylon BCF extrusion lube - 100% active
  • S-soft SIL, softening agent for carpet fibers
  • S-fresh PF, patented Odor eliminating topical finish - Spray version
  • S-fresh CG-250, patented Odor eliminating topical finish - Foam version
Chemicals – MDI, HDI, Polyol, Textile Chemicals Pretreatment, dying, finishing, coating, and printing
Machinary – SeattleChem mixers launched in early 2012 for ultra-light-weight powders mixing
Carpet – rugs, wall-to-wall, printed, woven with various materials


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