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SeattleChem at a Glance

Established in 2009 and headquartered in the technology hub of Seattle, SeattleChem is a leader in advanced specialty chemical technologies. SeattleChem provides innovative and comprehensive solutions in digital textile printing, industrial-scale textile machinery, specialty polymers and organic produce with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Digital Printing Products | We offer proprietary chemical formulas for leading digital carpet printing machines: Chromojet and AtexJet. SeattleChem’s digital Printing products consistently delivers better performance with less product consumption and 

Technical Consulting & Services | We offers on-site technical implementation and support for industrial textile printing systems. Our technical focus includes thickener R&D, quality improvement, thickener application development, and customizing thickeners based on materials and other parameters. We have experience developing solutions for a wide range of use cases and goals such as non-smoke, super color fixation, lowering COD emission, sustainability and cost saving analysis. Additionally, we offer carpet mills with management, investment, and international business consultation and manufacturing optimization services.

Textile Auxiliaries | Pre-treatment, dying, finishing, coating chemicals specifically formulated for carpet, towel and other textiles.

International Trading, Licensed Manufacturing & Distribution | We offer carpet sourcing, textile (ready-to-wear and made-to-measure), machinery and mixer (DLT – a licensed manufacturing company of SeattleChem). 

Polymer Trading & Ink Manufacturing | We offer services for polymers trading, desktop and textile inks through our network of international partners spanning 33 countries and counting.

Organic Produce | In partnership with Audis & HTL in Singapore, SeattleChem offers economical, professional and flexible solutions to organic produce customers around the world leveraging our global network of suppliers and distribution partners.

Celebrate 10 Years of Sustainable Innovation with SeattleChem

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