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Disrupting a Specialty Market

Founded in 2009, SeattleChem launched with a focus on proprietary chemical formulas for leading digital carpet printing machines: Chromojet and AtexJet. Digitally printing on specialty textiles such as carpets and rugs requires advanced chemical additives in the manufacturing process. At the time of our launch, this specialty market was dominated by the near-monopoly of a large European conglomerate. Our goal was to disrupt this market by providing more cost-efficient alternatives while solving for common technical issues such as jet blockage caused by existing printing additives.

Innovating with Sustainability

While cost reduction was our initial value proposition, we further developed our products and applications to outperform competitors while optimizing for sustainability values. Our flagship product, combiPRINT-PP7 delivers 75% less chemical oxygen demand (COD), and 40% higher color yield while reducing raw material and water consumption*. In tandem with our technical services, our products have helped resolve common operating issues with competing products for Chromojet and AtexJet. SeattleChem products enables shorter drying period, an easier cleaning process, and most importantly, they do not cause blockage issues to the jets or the system as competing products do. In 2020, combiPRINT-PP8 became certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) as an organic printing auxiliary product.

Strategic Partnerships

In 2012, SeattleChem became the manufacturer recommended supplier of specialty chemicals by Zimmer Austria, the maker of ChromoJET. As combiPRINT-PP7 gained wider adoption, we further accelerated our growth by establishing international points of shipping and partner network to better serve our customers globally.  Our Global Partners Program continues to enable more authorized partners to serve end users around the world with our technology.

Global Adoption and Growth

Today, SeattleChem products are deployed in 34 countries worldwide. Our combiPRINT products consistently outperform traditional chemicals in carpet printing, inkjet printing and coating. We have expanded our product selections and service offerings. As we celebrate this milestone, we continue our in commitment to deliver better performance, unparalleled technical service with a focus on innovative and sustainable manufacturing solutions.

*Consumption rates vary depending on the production parameters of each application

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