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combiPRINT Thickener System

combiPRINT Precise Print is SeattleChem’s flagship printing system comprised of specialty chemical products and customizable solutions for a wide range of industrial printing applications. Our best-selling combiPRINT products include:

  • combiPRINT-PP7 | Our proprietary thickener product in powder form designed for specialty textile such as carpets and rugs. On high-pile textiles, combiPRINT-PP7 reduces raw material consumption while delivering better performance and value compared to more traditional oil-based thickeners. 
  • combiPRINT-PP8 | A powder form thickener designed specifically for high-pH tolerance application of cotton materials, ink-printing pre-treatment and other technical applications. combiPRINT-PP8 is an organic printing auxiliary product certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

In factories globally, combiPRINT consistently deliver:

40% higher color yield resulting in higher print definition and superior final products*

75% less chemical oxygen demand (COD)*

Significant reduction in consumption of raw materials and water*

Easy cleaning and drying processes

Non-toxic and non-hazardous chemicals

Cost-effective productions via reduced consumption and increased output

Versatile applications in both digital and screen printing

Liquid Disperse Dyes

Our line of liquid disperse dyes achieves better color yield while reducing thickener use by 50% or more* compared to traditional disperse dyes. 

*Consumption rates vary depending on the production parameters of each application

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