The combiPRINT System

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combiPRINT is SeattleChem’s flagship system of specialty textile chemicals and solutions for a wide range of industrial printing applications including high-pile materials such as carpets and rugs. Our solutions are customized to each customer’s needs and include hands-on technical services, trouble-shooting and post-sales support.  

Across factories globally, the combiPRINT system delivers:

Up to 40% higher color yield resulting in higher print definition and superior final products*

Up to 75% less COD (chemical oxygen demand) in production*

Cost-saving via reduced consumption of raw printing materials and water*

Non-toxic and non-hazardous chemicals

No clogged jets enabling an easy cleaning and drying process

Versatile applications in both digital and screen printing


Lower shipping costs vs. liquid-form products

Best-Selling combiPRINT Products

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combiPRINT-PP7 is SeattleChem’s proprietary thickener product in powder-form designed for specialty textile such as carpets and rugs. On high-pile textiles, combiPRINT-PP7 reduces raw material consumption while delivering better performance and value compared to traditional oil-based thickeners. combiPRINT-PP7 is the recommended thickening agent for leading printing machines such as AtexJet and ChromoJET. We have over a decade of experience supplying and providing technical consultation for both machines.

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Designed specifically for high-pH tolerance application of cotton materials, combiPRINT-PP8 is a powder-form thickener ideal for ink-printing pre-treatment and other technical applications. combiPRINT-PP8 is an organic printing auxiliary product certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS 5.0).

*Consumption rates may vary depending on the production parameters of each application

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