Technical Consulting & Services

Textile Digital Printing Initiation

SeattleChem provides both onsite and remote technical implementation, support and consulting services for projects including but not limited to: 

  • Thickener R&D
  • Thickener application development
  • Thickener customization for a variety of textile materials and objectives (e.g., non-smoke and super color fixation, lowest COD emission, cost-saving)
  • Manufacturing quality improvement and optimization
  • Carpet mills management
  • Investment and international business consultation

Polymer Trading & Ink Manufacturing

SeattleChem offers import/export of polymers, as well as desktop and textile inks through our network of international partners.

International Licensed Manufacturing & Distribution

SeattleChem sources carpet, textile (ready-to-wear and made-to-measure), machinery and mixer through DLT – a licensed manufacturing company of SeattleChem. 

Construction & Development

Details to be announced in Q4 2021.

Accelerate Your Business

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