Specialty Chemicals
for Carpet Printing

Specialty Chemicals for Carpet/Rug Printing - Made in USA​​

S-Shield GUL-2 | exhaustible Nylon stainblocker

S-wet EAC-2N | nylon wetting agent

S-lev 2186 RNP-1 | continuous dyeing polyester leveling agent

S- quest DCS | nylon dyeing chelating agent

S-lev STF | nylon beck dyeing leveling agent

S-lev FTS | nylon skein and bath mat leveling agent

S-lev NFP | polyester beck dyeing leveling agent

S-sperse 560-N | anti-precipitant for dyeing cationic & anionic systems

S-buffer SSF | continuous dyeing Nylon pH buffer

S-lube TB 200 | nylon/polyester beck dyeing lubricant

S-defoamer DRW | free rinsing dyebath defoamer

S-foam 3000-X | effluent defoamer

S-shield BLXCH | nylon bleach resist

S-shield CLO-1 | nylon bleach resist (tannic acid version)

S-startex XD | polyester dye dispersing agent

S-startex LFD | nylon continuous dyeing leveling agent

S-shield SR | environmentally friendly fluorocarbon in foam

S-shield SR-Spray | environmentally friendly fluorocarbon in spray

S-shield SB-MC | topically applied heat cure Nylon stainblocker

S-foam 2273 | foaming agent for topical finishes

S-lube FBB | all purpose BCF Extrusion fiber lube – 100% active

S-lube BSL 100 | polypropylene BCF extrusion lube – 100% active

S-lube BJL 100 | nylon BCF extrusion lube – 100% active

S-soft SIL | softening agent for carpet fibers

S-fresh PF | patented odor eliminating topical finish in spray

S-fresh CG-250 | patented odor eliminating topical finish in foam

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